Elevate Your Eye Health with Blinky!

Secure, real-time insights into your blink patterns, safeguarding your privacy and empowering your wellness journey.

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Absolute Privacy ━ No image saving, rendering, or transmission.
User-Friendly Design ━ Sleek, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.
In-depth Analytics ━ Get comprehensive insights into your blinking patterns.
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Empower Your Eye Health with Blinky

Blinky helps you to gauge your blinking patterns, providing actionable insights to enhance your eye health and manage screen time more effectively.

Instant Feedback

Get real-time analytics on your blinking patterns with instant feedback and actionable insights.

Private & Secure

Your privacy is our priority. Blinky analyzes without storing or transmitting images, ensuring your data stays yours.

Comprehensive Analysis

Blinky offers detailed analytics, categorizing your blinking patterns and providing health insights.